Meet our professionals

Our maritime courses are meticulously crafted by a team of seasoned professionals, drawing upon a rich legacy of expertise. We blend traditional maritime knowledge with cutting-edge advancements, ensuring you acquire the skills and knowledge required to thrive in today's dynamic maritime industry.


With an impressive 30 years of experience spanning technical, sales, and quality roles in the steel and fibre rope industry, Angelo Tanzarella currently serves as the Operations Director. Fluent in Dutch and English, he acts as a vital liaison between management, technical service, commercial, and production departments. Angelo's educational background includes MBO/HBO, supplemented by ongoing training courses. Outside of work, Angelo enjoys music, photography, cycling, and hiking, reflecting his diverse interests and well-rounded personality.


Renzo Romano, an expert in rope splicing, holds a background in electrical engineering from I.T.I.S.G.Galilei, Italy. Certified in emergency response and forklift operation, Renzo has been integral to Lankhorst Ropes since 1994. As a Trainer/Instructor, he excels in synthetic and steel wire terminations, inspections, and repairs. Proficient in Dutch, English, and Italian, Renzo's skills extend beyond work, encompassing socializing, cooking, and motorcycle interests, showcasing a versatile skill set.


Pedro de Jager, a 20-year veteran in steel and fibre rope applications, currently serves as Senior Application Engineer/Manager Heavy Lift at Lankhorst Ropes. With expertise in project management, he oversees the Heavy Lift department and provides technical leadership for Maritime and R&D. Pedro's contribution to several industry associations like IMCA, NEN and independent JIP’s in combination with his long practical background has honed his skills in engineering synthetic solutions and supporting global technical sales. Beyond work, he enjoys motorcycling, cycling, and hiking.


Jelle van der Ven, an automotive engineering graduate from HAN University, is currently an Application Engineer at Lankhorst Ropes. He specializes in rope repair, residual strength determination, and mooring line inspections. With diverse experience as a Claims Expert and Workshop Process Responsible, Jelle is fluent in Dutch, proficient in English, and has a passion for music exploration and technical solutions. He stays active through sports, particularly enjoying squash, cycling, and fitness.